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Nelson Aspen

Public Relations | Podcast Host

Nelson Aspen

NELSON ASPEN has been a Titanic enthusiast and historian since he was a child. Bases, he feels in a special connection he has to one particular first class passenger. James Cameron's groundbreaking film underscored his passion for the ship not least of all because his library of books on the subject helped Alexandra write her monologue for the audition that won her a role in the film.

As an award winning journalist, Nelson spent over 19 years as the Show Business Editor for Australia's "Sunrise" He is a much loved, widely trusted contributor to TV, radio and online outlets around the world. You'd be hard pressed to name a celebrity he hasn't interviewed or an entertainment story he hasn't covered, which is why in 2020, the 5-time Publicists Guild of America nominee was recognized as International Media Journalist of the Year.

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